Reinvent the Economy, Place by Place.

We can meet the needs of our communities without exploitation, injustice, and ever-widening inequality. With our daily choices, we can cultivate a world where corporations do not dictate our lives and laws, poverty is not a path to prison, and no one is left waiting for the trickle-down.

The Solidarity Economy Map is a growing resource for highlighting and connecting the local businesses and organizations that are a part of creating an economy that values human dignity, diversity, fairness, and sustainability, above profits for the few.

More than a "buy local" or ethical purchasing movement, the Solidarity Economy is an incremental shift away from business as usual. It is a gradual, careful, collaborative answer to the failings of capitalism and state socialism both. It works through small, spreadable changes, and thrives through a diversity of approaches and structures.

Practices it promotes include living wages, cooperative ownership, workplace democracy, sustainability & re-use, local sourcing, and more.

This Solidarity Economy Map originated in Carrboro, NC, so that's what you'll see the most of on here - but the goal is to include Durham, Greensboro, Raleigh, surrounding areas, and then eventually, the entire Piedmont region. We also offer the source code online and free technical support so that other communities, nationally or internationally, can create their own Solidarity Economy Map.

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